Home and a light in the window

The girls are really, really into Little House on the Prairie right now.  They have been for days.  Of course, I suppose our lifestyle might naturally draw them into these simple, rich stories.  

I remember being captivated by these stories as well, when I was a little girl.  Not too long ago we drove down the road, listening intently.  We were on the way to Grandma and Papaw's house and we almost silently begged the story to hurry up so we could see if Pa ever made it home after the blizzard.

The light had been on in the window after all, just shining so bright and full of hope for his safe return.  

The story wrapped up nicely, just in time for our arrival at Grandma and Papaw's.  Pa made it back home, and in a way we were home, too.  

They say there's no place like home and something about that very word alone almost stops me in my track these days.  I think of the homes that are simply my favorite, almost imagining a lantern sitting in the front windowsill, shining a hopeful welcome.  

As we trek through our farm woods with the girls, we don't have to worry about getting lost in a blizzard or many of the hardships the Little House family did.  But once our journey is over we adore our home and the warmth it brings just as much as they must have.  

I think of these photos, and how each of them feel like that bright, happy glow of a lantern in the window.  For each beautiful moment captured, each tiny detail of life, is my own trail of lights leading me back home. 

Back home to when I was a child and the world felt amazing.  Back home into my Father's arms where He visibly shows me the unforced rhythms of grace, even if it be one flock of birds or one spider web at a time.  My children love home. I do too and I look forward to holding out our lantern of light to the babies and children that need a soft place to land for a while.  

This blog also feels like home.  As I shared our news of foster care last week the comments, texts, and emails began to come in.  So many kind, thoughtful people holding out their lanterns of hope, encouraging us on this new journey we've found ourselves on.  I say a sincere "thank-you".  You have blessed us more than you know.