It's the small things or it's nothing at all.

One bouquet lovingly picked by Brett on his way home from work.
Ten reasons (or more) to be delighted with such a bouquet.  For starters, the smell! Oh goodness, the lovely smell!  Even my camera smells like this beautiful bouquet from photographing them yesterday.  The folds of the flowers look as if tissue paper has been intricately designed together.  The thought that the same Maker of these flowers made me and fills my head with ideas is mind-boggling. 

After the girls and I smelled these flowers over and over again, admired their beauty, and placed them on the table to be enjoyed I had the thought that it's truly the small things of life that matter or it's nothing at all.  

(I'm going to try and order a canvas of one of these flower prints! I'll show you if I figure out a good place to order from.  Any recommendations?)


  1. Wow Sara I'm blown away by your pictures lately. I don't know if you are doing something differently or not, but this flowers are just stunning.

    1. Thank-you so much Emily! What kind words! :) :)

  2. Those are beautiful. Photobucket has great quality prints.

    1. Thank-you Debbie, both for the compliment and the photo source! I will have to check it out!


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