Don't just look. See.

 I often get pegged as the "head in the clouds", super cheerful, always rosy kinda gal.  The one who has a cliche' happy quote for literally any situation.  This is actually entirely not true.   Yes, I'm typically a "glass is half full" kinda gal.  But I also struggle with being down in the dumps just like anyone else does.  Maybe even more than you do.  So when I meet someone or have a conversation where it feels like I'm being viewed as "cute" because I'm just so darn happy I'm always secretly thinking "Don't you need this as much as I do?"  This rosy view on the world isn't a mission to draw a crowd.  It's my real-life beckoning to worship, to counteract the discouragement and hard stuff of life. To put it quite simply, when I seek what I call "the rosy", I'm essentially seeking the fruits of the spirit in real life-love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  (Galatians 5:22-23)  This viewpoint isn't a social media campaign but instead as necessary to me as coffee, food, my family, and sleep.    

The real truth is that life is both beautiful and very messy.  And sometimes? Achingly sad.  But you know what else life is?  Jesus.  He's the reason for it, my hope when I rise and when I fall, the whisper that urges me to slow down and not just look, but really see. Jesus is the roar that reminds me how mighty He is to save.  
Around here we believe whole-heartedly in days or at least hours with "nothing" to do.  Time where we can just simply be each week and decide what we'd like to do, whether that be go for a walk, paint by the creek, or play freely in the yard.  One morning this week we weren't headed anywhere and I quickly glanced outside to see it was a pretty morning.  I could have stopped there, with the pretty morning thought.  But then this and that began to catch my eye and I excitedly threw my boots on, calling out to the girls and asking who wanted to experience this gorgeous morning with me.  Betsy Grace threw her boots on too and romped through the pasture with me.  

All of this was our reward. 
Today, don't just look.  See. 

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  1. Sara, you are doing what we all have to (or need to) do, in order to look past this flawed world and set our eyes on the better, the more positive, the brighter side of life. It takes work. It takes daily effort. You offer good reminders that, though life is tough, the "rosy" is out there if we choose to see.


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