Join me for a Party on the Porch, farm-style!

Good morning! How are you, after the weekend and Mother's Day?  Brett was/is sick with sinus stuff so my role as mama was very much needed yesterday and my cup of coffee is very much needed today!  Just like the winds that are starting to blow outside bringing with them a change of weather, there are changes happening inside my art world and announcements I'm excited to share with you! 

At the start of the new year I really wasn't brainstorming new ideas for my art and photography because I thought we'd just sure have a newborn to hold.  I was certainly ready to trade my paintbrush for a tiny newborn and instead of running hard after artistic dreams sit and savor my baby instead.  
You know our story if you've been here long.  We are still waiting on baby and in the meantime God has dropped little ideas for my art here and there in my mind.  The excitement over a new season (and spring at that! My favorite!) in my life as an artist has snuck up on me.  Through giving myself some space and rest and getting back to painting or sketching everyday, I've felt my inspiration return.  
With all that said, I have some fun ideas and announcements I'm going to be sharing with you over the next couple of months!  Things like new products in the shop and today an announcement about an art sale happening at the farm! 
First, enjoy a peek at some new art coming to the shop soon and what I've been up to in my sketchbook! 

And now, I hope you'll join me for a "party on the porch", farm style!
This evening will be full of fun and fellowship as we meet new friends and enjoy the old. I'm hoping that many of us that are social media friends can meet in real life!  I will have a pop-up shop with art  prints and originals at a deep discount (like prices marked way down).  There will also be snacks and music, plus a glimpse at our farm and the place that keeps me so incredibly inspired. 
The party and pop-up shop will take place at the cabin on our farm. 
Here is a glimpse into that dreamy space, the same spot I hosted the photography workshop last year!

I hope you'll put this date on your calendar and join me! 
If you would, please RSVP by emailing me at by June 6th!  
I did this event on a Monday night hoping that even if you were like me and your weekends are jammed packed, you could still join us.  Feel free to invite your friends and gather up some art to add some rosy to your home. 

I look forward to sharing some new paintings and products with you also in the next few weeks and months! Thanks for joining me for this incredibly fun adventure. 

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