oh April..

Well April really started out rough, if I must be completely honest.  What a down way to start a blog post huh! Don't worry, it gets better.  I must admit, last week I was barely running on fumes and rather discouraged about a few huge topics in our lives that just aren't making sense right now.  

Then came Friday and all us girls caught the stomach bug.  The worst stomach ache I've ever had in the history of evers.  BUT, through continued prayer and simply letting time do its thing, I am starting to feel like a human again today.  And you want to know what the girls and I have done all day?  Watched Robin Hood and played outside for 3+ hours.  That's it.  Simple, easy, and plenty of time to breath.  As I sat at the creek with the sunshine on my shoulders this morning I had the thought that although some big things feel daunting right now, a whole bunch of little things feel like gifts of grace.  Things like newly planted flowers, sunshine, green grass, the creek, the girls' wonder and imagination, planting the garden, art, good books, plans for cooking, camping, and a beach trip.  Basically all the small things that are really the big things anyway. 

Today is a fresh day, although April had a rough start. 
God is still God and God is ever so good. 


  1. Things have to get better from here!! Glad y'all are on the mend! I know you have a lot to look forward to :)


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