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In keeping with the theme of our Offer post earlier in the week of love languages, today is all about offering happy mail.  Brett teases me for my love of checking the mail.  Most days it's junk mail but some days it's not.  Some days it's a heart necklace from a friend, with a prayer for our adoption inside.  Some days it's a surprise from my blogger friend in California.  Other times a magazine or an invitation.   

On the flip side, I also love to send happy mail.  Whether it be an original piece of art, a photograph, a book, or something else entirely, I just adore sending off a package to someone "just because".  It remains one of the most traditional/"old-fashioned" ways to send along some cheer. 

A text just doesn't equal a box of sunshine sent in the mail. 

You can't argue with that.  

This week: send some happy mail.  Even just a happy postcard. 
You'll be glad you did!

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  1. I love sending and receiving Happy Mail. I actually became pen pals with several of my Instagram friends.


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