art for your mama heart (new in the shop)

I used to have a rather narrow view of what being "mama" meant. 
I thought if you had a whole slew of kiddos THAT made you mama.  And while it certainly does, my image of mama-hood no longer only includes that single image.  Instead, it now includes so many types of women, so many ages and walks of life.  I think about the loving lady at Wal-Mart who, for years, loved on and encouraged the girls and I as we'd go through her line.  THAT felt like a mama.  I think about the lady who tirelessly works for adoption.  She's a mama to so many.  I think about the volunteers at a local clinic teaching other moms how to care for their babies.  They are mamas to me.  

And the list goes on.  Whether you are cooking a meal for someone, lending a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen, or simply just spending time with someone who needs it, Mama you are needed.  You are seen, loved, and so valued. 

I created these Mother's Day art pieces out of joy and I pray they bring you joy as well.  I made the art available in two different options this time, as both an instant download or as a mailed 8x10 art print.  I thought this would give you the option to share your love with all the mamas in  your world.
Thank-you for letting me share both my journey as mama and artist with you. 
I am honored!

You can find the rest of the shop here, including a few more of my recent favorites: