a video for spring + Friday faves

One of my favorite kinds of blog posts to read is a list of links from the web.  I don't know why, perhaps it feels like the grown-up version of a scavenger hunt!  Either way, here are a few of my favorite links saved from my Pinterest boards!

Literally can't stop dreaming about dining outdoors. This doesn't help.

This makes me want to art journal all day, every day. Or at least 5 minutes today.

A bowl of healthy, delicious food? A ton of combinations? I'm in. All in.

These look good. So good. In fact, I think we'll try them for dinner tonight.

One can dream, right?!

#cantstopwontstop Pinning Outdoor Play Spaces

DIY rain chains.....now rain, come on! We need ya!

I mean, we ARE going to the beach this summer. Maybe I should bring sparklers?