life is beautiful (my first iMovie)

I really enjoyed last weekend.  Perhaps that sounds like a cliche' thing to confess.  Or even a confusing thing to say considering we had a very normal weekend.  It was the first one in a few weeks that someone wasn't out of town and our schedule wasn't packed.  We started off with a country auction, spent all kinds of time outside, read by the fire, held hands, and sat around the table a lot, all of us together.  

I also learned the first baby steps in iMovie and can maneuver my way around enough to call a film complete.  So today I'm bravely sharing my very first iMovie ever.  There are certainly things I would change and I googled FOREVER to see if I could use the background song I did. (I think I can for personal use, by the way or I wouldn't have posted it)  

There is still much to learn and many videos I want to make, 
but for today...I give you "life is beautiful".

My Movie from Sara Torbett on Vimeo.


  1. Looks great, Sara! Very sweet. This was a lot of work I am sure but probably fun to do as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lovely! What a treasure to have these moments saved "on film". Question (because I'm an editor!): I wonder if you have to give credit at the end by adding the song/composer/singer? Might be safe to do that anyway-kinda the same way people give credit to photo sources when they haven't taken the photo themselves? Just a thought!

    Also, the song made me wonder if you've ever seen the movie "Life is Beautiful". It's a WW2 story and heart wrenching to watch but so sweet and such a poignant eminder that our attitude really DOES change how we see life, regardless of what "life" means for us! You might check it out.

    Happy Tuesday! Enjoy those beautiful girls in the beautiful sunshine!

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for the advice about adding the credit for the music. Smart idea! I probably won't include music like this in other videos because I get too worried about breaking copyright/fair use laws.

      I haven't seen the movie you recommended but it sounds wonderful! I'll add it to my watch list :) :)

      Happy Wednesday!

  3. I loved it!! Especially the beginning, sweet little face and hands looking through a book...sigh.

    1. Thank-you!! The hands are my favorite too....makes me tear up every single time.


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