Delighted with Daffodils (and two new photographs in the shop)

Goodness I didn't mean to be gone that long!  I'm still here, just drowning in technological stuff and at the same time, delighted with daffodils.  How's that for a Monday mouthful? 

I'm teaching myself/learning iMovie.  It's been a long time goal of mine but I've felt scared to even dip my toes into the water and try.  Mostly because I knew it would be hard work and it is! All you techies reading this might be having a good belly laugh, but my heart is SO into my photography that I want my videos to feel the same.  This weekend I told myself enough was enough, time to brave up and try.  I jumped in with both feet and have the sweetest video ready to show you this week.  It's my first video ever and I still have a lot of work to do.  But I can feel the excitement that comes with conquering something and learning something new.  I remember feeling this way when I first started to paint and opened up my Etsy shop.  Scared silly, but also enough excitement in the air that I knew I couldn't just quit. 
I suppose in my mind I was picturing another few weeks of being tucked inside, warm next to the fire.  Time to ease slowly into spring.  It's simply not so.  Last weekend I spotted a green stem on the side of the road and thought "Surely it can't be?!"  The daffodils seemed to be back, a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.  

The girls and I pulled our boots on and made the slow drive through the pasture, waiting to see if anything would be waiting or not.  If we'd only taken the pasture at first glance our immediate answer would have been "no".  
Everything appeared to be brown and crunchy, still tired from winter.  But, as soon as we crossed over the fence we saw it.  Bright yellow pops of color.  A celebration just waiting to be noticed! 

This bud waiting to open and the parade of cheerfulness among the dark, dreary woods speak volumes to me.  When it seems as if things look one way or are too gloomy for words, look again.  Perhaps there is a surprise of cheer just around the corner waiting for you. 

Or perhaps you can be the cheer for someone else. 

These simple delights have breathed fresh air into my lungs and heart this week. 
Reminders that God is up to so much more than we can see with our human eyes.  

I created each of these 8x10 photographs with that simple message in mind.  
That ordinary can come alive at any minute.

You can see these photographs in the shop here.

Here's to life surprising you with delight today. 

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