So is blogging out these days?

This little world of social media sure makes me chuckle sometimes.  I first started a blog 8 years ago to document my engagement and wedding planning with Brett.  We have a lot of family between us and it was getting tricky to remember what I told and who I told it to so a blog seemed like a central location to keep up with all of that.  And it was!  From sharing wedding decorations to my first very burned meal as a new wife, my blog was my own little way of collecting moments into memories.

Fast forward a few years later and this blog came along, "The Rosy Life."  I've always been told I see the world through rose-colored glasses, hence the name.  It seems about halfway into my 8 year blogging journey the social media world changed.  Blogs weren't just for memories anymore but for making money, marketing, and appealing to a mass crowd.  Not all blogs, but a lot.  For many different reasons I haven't dipped my toe into the marketing side, other than for my own personal art.  For me, it's just not my way of story telling.

I think that's what's important to ponder, if you're wondering about your own space on the web.  I keep stumbling across blog posts where the author is saying "goodbye", bidding farewell and instead heading over to Instagram for good.  I get it-it's faster, easier, and draws in a lot of people in a matter of seconds.  (in fact, I'm there too, you can find me under "therosylifeblog")

But for me, there's something about this space that feels sacred to me.  Blogging may be out for most but I'm here to stay.  I feel like it's the most real-life way I have to document my story, words and pictures.  Sometimes The Rosy Life feels exciting and fresh and full of new ideas.  Other days my words feel a bit distant, with mostly pictures on the screen.  Some weeks I blog every single day, other months not as much.  And isn't that how real life goes?  Back and forth, up and down, full and empty.

"They" say you should blog for others and leave your audience with something to take away, yet my heart sits down to blog for itself.  I find my posts and blog goals somewhere in the middle.  I show up here to remind myself of the good in life, to document the day-to-day pockets of joy Jesus tucks into this season and the next.  If we don't notice, who will?  Certainly not the news people!

But I also show up to help you see it too.  This is why I blog.  It's not just to tell my own story but to help your eyes open wide and see yours too.  Can you imagine if we got to the end of our lives and we couldn't remember a thing about it except for laundry and to-do lists?
What about the "aha" moments,
the art to create,
the delicious food to cook,
the good tears,
the prayers uttered,
the feet that danced,
the eyes that smiled,
the body that shook with laughter,
 the questions asked,
the books read,
the music enjoyed,
the people ministered to?

What about the adventures taken,
the "yes" and "no",
the beauty gathered?

Tell it sister.
Whether that be through a blog, a book, or a beautiful journal, piece together your story and share the blessing of it with someone.  For me, that's through my blog.  Blogging may be "out" but I'm not going anywhere.  


  1. I agree! I just recently found your blog , (ironically, through Instagram!). I have been blogging about the same time as you have, it has changed so much it is almost unrecognizable. There are small pockets of those of us who haven't hopped on the commercial bandwagon. I blog for the same reasons you talk about here. It's always been for me. My own little corner of the world where I can share and leave memories to look back on. I have made one year into a book and plan finish the rest as books also. My girls will each get a copy since they star in a lot of the posts. Blogging as we know it may be changing or vanishing but as long as it is available I will be using it to create and document my life. And I will be following your journey now too :)

    1. Hi Kathleen, nice to meet you! Are you called "Kathleen Grace?" I have a Betsy Grace :) I love your idea of printing out your blog for your sweet and special. Do you have a printing service you like?
      Thanks for coming along on my Rosy Life journey, I'm happy to have you!

  2. Sara, excellent post. I have purposely chosen to stay off the money-making bandwagon with my blog. It just never felt right. I've been blogging for about 9 years now and most days I wonder if even one person reads it, besides my husband and mother :)

    However, it's like your art - I do it because it's inside of me and it has to come out!

    So, I write and I share my heart and then let God do the rest.

    Have a happy Wednesday :)

    1. Hi Debbie! I read your blog! :) Seriously, I do and keep it up, even if you wonder who reads. I don't think it's necessarily about that....what if one person read your post who really, really needed it? That would be enough :) .

  3. I for one am really pleased you're staying with your blog. It always brightens my day when I read it. And I love your honesty. Even when your days are not so bright I can feel your optimism coming through. Thank you.

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  4. Hi Val! So nice to have you on this journey and thanks for your encouragement. I'm glad you're here! :)

  5. I would be so sad if you didn't post here! When I have a free minute to sit with a cup of coffee I like to check 'my' blogs... yours is on my short list of ones I always check in to!

  6. I should say... I also wonder the same thing. But I like blogging for me. It helps me document life and get thoughts out of my head. In a way its kinda like really cheap therapy! ha! :)

    1. I agree Emily! I am so glad you stop here :) I'm honored!

  7. I so needed to read this today! Thank you. I have missed blogging and I'm ready to dive back in. :)

    1. Blogging is so fun and I know the "missing it" feeling...I get it every time I decide to take a break. The break never lasts long! :)


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