We are all a beautiful story: The story behind the art and a special

Thank-you all for your enthusiasm and encouragement this week as I've peeled back the layers on my art and shared the story behind it.  There is truly a connection to each piece of art I create.  Sometimes I forget others can't see inside my crazy thoughts and forget to share the story that is behind each piece.  This has been fun for me too! 

"We are all a beautiful story" is a piece I painted first many, many months ago in my art journal.  Then I painted another piece (the one you see here) just a few weeks ago, as adoption was pounding on my heart.  If you've been around the blog for long, you know that I truly believe this.  From the people in my community that serve me a smile (like at the post office or the grocery store), to the family members that love us so big, each is beautiful.  Ann Voskamp has a quote that says a big heart will trump a big title every time.  I have to agree.  I don't think big titles, tons of Etsy sales, or thousands of IG followers is what makes our story more beautiful than someone else's.  I think it's all about the love.  People are really interesting.  I am fascinated by people-where they've come from, where they are now, where they're headed.  

As we started our adoption process our thinking was mainly one-sided.  Us.  That's mostly all we were thinking about.  As we began to work with Bethany Christian Services our thinking and hearts expanded to make room for the beautiful soul that is also a part of our story now-our birth mom.  Not a day goes by that we don't pray for her (multiple times), think about her, and honor her.  

I told our case worker that most of the questions I was getting so far were about the process and how when I keep speaking about the birth mom a lot of people don't understand.  She reminded me that maybe I could be a voice to help change the perspective on adoption.  So today, will you join me in praying for our birth mom (no, we haven't met her yet), and all the other beautiful, brave souls across the world who are united in this miracle called adoption. We are each a part of the other's story, none more important than the other.  

And will you see those around you as beautiful stories today? 
As living, breathing, walking, interesting stories? 

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  1. This is so personally touching for me. My sister at the age of 19 found herself pregnant and chose adoption. It was and sometimes still is such an emotional decision (that was like 7 years ago!) from the birth-mother's side, even for her family. We were so blessed that a wonderful Christian (and art loving!) family chose my sister's daughter. I find so much comfort in knowing your side of the story and like thinking that this is how my sister's adoptive family felt as well. Saying a prayer for you all and for your birth-mother!! What a brave journey for you all.

    1. Emily, thank-you so much for honoring me and sharing this beautiful part of your family's story. I have read your comment several times and in turn, prayed for your family. It means a lot to me that you shared this, xo :)

  2. I have been lurking around your blog for a while now, admiring your work, but now I simply must comment. I feel as if we have so much in common and could chat for hours over a warm cup of tea. I am the mother of 4...2 biological children and 2 adopted children (twins). I have been where you are standing, except we followed the adoption trail through fostering. In addition, each of my art pieces also has a deep seeded story inside of it. I am a digital artist, but my work too is rooted in my heart. I don't always share the stories behind each piece, but perhaps I should. ;) xo

    1. Hi! Thank-you so much for commenting!! And as far as commenting goes, lurk away! I do the same thing :) I would love it if we could chat over tea! Preferably Bengal Spice (have you tried this kind? Celestial Seasonings I think, so good!) Thank-you for sharing the details of your lovely family and art. :) Did you know I'm a twin?

      And yes, I think you should share the stories behind your art!


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