Happy Camper: the story and a SPECIAL (one-day only!)

 This morning I want you to grab a cup of strong coffee and lean in close for one of my most favorite stories and art pieces, "Happy Camper".  I remember the early spring morning very well.  It was last year and Brett had been working on me for months, wanting to buy a camper.  I say "working on me" because I was totally not up for it.  I was worried about spending the money, that the girls wouldn't sleep, and that we wouldn't make time to go.  Then Brett stumbled across a great deal on Craigslist for a pop-up camper.  This was in early enough spring that prices hadn't jumped up yet and I nodded in agreement that we could go look at it.  Well, you can figure the rest of this story out for yourself.  Once I saw that little adventure on wheels, I was hooked.  I'm pretty sure I came home and listened to "Let the good times roll" by Ben Rector and let my imagination run away with me.  

 I'm ever so glad I did. 

 Throughout the months of spring and summer and even fall, we had many camping adventures that you simply just can't put a price tag on.  There is something in the air about camping that is just magic.  It's the early morning fog and sunrise, the campfire smoke and warm breakfast.  It's staying up late reading a book and rising early, warm under the covers.  It's late nights by the campfire, food so good you don't even think about a restaurant.  It's twinkle lights strung on the pop-up, time with cousins and best friends, going for a swim in the river.  It's fishing, building sand castles, and hiking.  It's country music playing, friend making, outdoor loving, happy camping. 

It's all of that and so much more. 

 It is with great, great excitement we look forward to camping this year!! I'm crossing fingers and toes our sweet baby is with us by then and we can snuggle them in-between Brett and I for early-morning cuddles.

THAT is the story behind "Happy Camper". 

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  1. I just love hearing these stories behind your art!!

  2. I just love hearing these stories behind your art!!

  3. This post was beautiful! Loved the story behind the artwork. : )


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