Beautiful Dreamer: the story behind the art and a SPECIAL!

I really want to be intentional about sharing the story behind my art with the shop re-opening.  Sometimes I make pretty things, just to make pretty things.  And that is enough.  But other times, in fact most often, my heart is deeply connected to the art I'm creating, our stories woven together.  It's as if a long thread attaches me to each painting.  When a painting sells (especially when it's an original) a bit of me goes along with it.  This is my only way to tell if I'm doing my best and being fully myself with both my art and photographs.  If they make me feel something, that's my best work.  With original paintings, if they're ones I ache a bit at the thought of selling them, or think how I'd really like to keep it myself….that's a sure sign it's my most passionate work and as odd as it sounds, ready to sell. 

Today I introduce you to "Beautiful Dreamer."  The meaning behind this piece is quite simple to me.  We have dandelions almost year-round at the farm and they never, ever cease to delight the girls and I.  In fact, we just picked one yesterday.  I know to most of the world they are that pesky weed that just won't go away, but to me they're that beautiful dreamer filling up the yard, reminding us over and over to make a wish.  Just one more time, slow down time, breathe deep with eyes closed, and make a wish.  

There's a quote floating around the internet that says "When you look at a dandelion you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes." I hope that you choose the wishes and that this art piece is a gentle reminder to do so. 

For today only: a special on "Beautiful Dreamer!" 
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See you tomorrow for another story and special..