Shop Opening and a GIVEAWAY

Happy Monday friends! Are you ready for another week?  We had some sunshine this weekend that left me feeling energized and ready to tackle what comes my way.  I'm excited to share that my art shop is back up and running, after being on vacation for a couple of months.  I don't know what works well for other artists, but I know for me I need space.  Space to play, rest, try new ideas, and simply have fun with my art!  So that's exactly what I've been up to the past few months and while I'm certainly still having fun, there was a different feeling in the air while the shop was on vacation.  

It just freed my fingers up a bit. 
You can find my shop here.

If I were to write a few lines about this new collection I'd say that it felt fun, full of joy, deeply personal,  and cheerful to me.  It felt like putting hope down on the paper as I created each of these pieces.  

Some advice I've given myself is to "paint what you know."  I suppose that's contrary to what some experts might suggest because there's a whole movement of painting without any end in mind.  What I mean is, I gather the colors and ideas that speak loudest to me and then I start and don't stop until I feel that "finished" confirmation in my soul.  I paint what my soul knows, which is that art can save, heal, and encourage.

Will our lives be changed by hanging a pretty piece of art? Perhaps not.  But I beg to differ.  Maybe those few seconds a day of taking in a colorful,  whimsical, encouraging word will wiggle their way into the cracks and holes of our days that simply need filling up with something good.

 I believe that, you know I do. 
I create art because it makes the light shine brighter and the dark less scary.

 This post was intended to only be about the big shop re-opening but how could I do that?  If I only made art to sell I'm afraid life would feel very empty.  Instead, I make art and happen to sell some of it, but a large part of what I make is simply just to fill me up, to express my soul, to feel happy.

It seems only fair I give you a peek into both. 

 You can find many of these photographs and art prints available as an 8x10 in the shop.  There are also a number of original canvases as well as handmade, cedar-framed originals and photographs.  I'm proud of these because my husband Brett made them for me! 

I want to celebrate the shop re-opening with a giveaway! 
Entering is easy.  Simply visit the shop and leave a comment below, telling me your favorite item!

The winner will receive a $50 credit to the shop! 
Giveaway ends Wednesday at 8:00 p.m., Arkansas time.  Make sure to leave your email in the comments in case you win so I can notify you! 

Also, come back to the blog each day this week for a look at the story behind my new art and a daily special on one 8x10 art piece.  


  1. They are all wonderful . . . but love that bright rainbow!

  2. My favorite is the wander caravan. I love the stitching!!

  3. Lovely things, my favorite is the Starry Girl! Thank you for the chance!

  4. Dear Soul is my favorite! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  5. I have two favorites:Savor and Beautiful Dreamer!! And I love the wooden frames. And the wooden scrabble letter holder type wood stand pictured with some of your originals too. So much beauty and heart in your new collection!!

  6. My favorite is the "Look for Miracles" artwork. Fun art!

  7. Congratulations on the reopening of your shop, and thank you for such generous giveaway, my favorite is Serendipity feather painting, thanks a million :)

  8. I love the rainbow and those frames are amazing!

  9. I love it all...but especially the Happy Camper print! Hugs, Margie

  10. My favorite is the vase of flowers. I love the different parts in that piece.

  11. It's all about that camper :) Makes me want to wander...
    Rebecca Pitt Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

  12. It's hard to choose a favorite but the mixed media queen is pretty fun!! Love that you are using bible verses, too. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wander is my favorite. This is not a sob story, I would just like to explain why that is my favorite. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 non-smoker lung cancer one year ago, there is no cure and they have no idea how long she has. But she is living with cancer, enjoying each day to the fullest and going to be here to watch her three grandchildren (11, 7 & 7) grow up. Last year my parents bought an RV and put on over 14,000 miles last summer traveling all over to see places they love and to see my places my mom has never been but always wanted to go. My mom has the best attitude and talks with God everyday as she knows he is on this journey with her. Thanks Rochelle

  14. My favorite is the Wander camper! I think I love camping with my family as much as you do! I dream of having a pop up to camp in! My address is

  15. My favorite is Watercolor Art, not only is it a beautiful photograph, but I also see it as a inspirational piece, looking at all those colors just makes me want to gather all my art supplies and start creating.
    My email is

  16. Sara, I love the beautiful dreamer and happy camper pieces. I love the whimsy and meaning in your art.

  17. I love the vase and flowers - so cute!


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