Serendipity: the story and a special

Happy Friday friends! I want to share one last story and special with you today, which I hope prompts you toward having some fun this weekend. 
You know, "cut a rug",
let your hair down, 
invite the serendipitous moments in. 

As I look back over the last year or so of my life a giant lesson has been learned for me.  I used to over-plan everything.  I would list dreams, page after page.  I rarely just let things happen.  I held on tight to my ideas, plans, and daydreams with a clenched fist.  Then, through several of these things not going according to plan I started to let go, open my hand a bit, and let my rigid plans sift through the cracks like sand.  Prayer, Bible reading, talks with Brett, and simply time have taught me to not hold so tightly, if to hold at all.  The word "serendipity" means "pleasant surprise."  And you know what? As I've learned to go with the flow, take one day at a time, and pursue the whole of life as art, I have been pleasantly surprised.  

A few of my favorite memories from the past year are camping, going to a concert with my twin and her husband and Brett, traveling to New York, and trying out a new tea shop in town that is simply gorgeous and a favorite from now on.  All of these were things it took some faith to say yes to. Take New York City for example.  I've wanted to go there my entire life.  I decided we should go before our adoption, since we won't be traveling alone for quite some time.  I got really excited and then talked myself out of it at least a dozen times.  Somehow, I talked myself back into it and hurried to buy the tickets before fear could get the best of me again.  I am so, so, SO glad I did!  It was by far, the most favorite trip I've ever had with Brett. 

So my question for you is….what can you be pleasantly surprised by today?  Perhaps leave the "to do" list on the fridge and try out a new restaurant or park instead.  Play some music you can really dance to.  Cook a new meal with flavors you've never tried.  Wander. Daydream. 
Embrace serendipity. 

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