Favorite Links and ask me anything (almost)

Happy weekend everyone! 
I hope you have some fun planned :) I have some fun links from my favorite spots to share with you today! Then stick around 'till the end because I'm giving you the chance to ask me anything….errr, almost anything. 

I want to make these.

I made these Valentine's last year! You can find them here.

Now it's your turn!! 
Have a question for me?  About food, crafting, art, adoption, or something entirely different?! 
Ask away in the comments or email me at sunshinebysara@hotmail.com
and I'll gather your questions and write a blog post with the answers next week! 

Happy weekend! 


  1. Sara, besides your etsy shop do you have another avenue in which you sell your art? Thanks, Melody😊

    1. Hi Melody! I haven't forgotten your question, I promise! :) I had a local coffee shop reach out to me and ask if I'd like to sell my art there so about a month ago I took a few prints in. We are seeing how it goes! Other than that and my Etsy shop...there aren't any other places I currently sell. Thanks for asking!

  2. When you and your sister visit KC, which stores do you visit? Which stores are your favorite?

    1. Hi Cheryl! How are you friend? I am desperately trying to remember the names of stores we went in but can't seem too...we did love the thrift stores there and Ikea! But you probably already know those :) The shopping center where Cheesecake Factory is, is always such fun!


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