The walking in-between

Each of these mini time-capsules were captured yesterday. 
I'd like to think of this season of life as the walking in-between. 
In-between long summer nights and still-cold winter ones. 
In-between a pretty certain schedule and an uncertain one when our adoption happens....
definitely in-between feeling at peace and patient for our baby and anxious and wanting them here now.  We go back and forth (in-between again if you will) from feeling balanced in our loving and living to feeling like we need a breath of fresh air.  We parent our best these days but often don't feel like we know what we're doing.  So we lean hard on Jesus and show Jesus and love Jesus....and boldly lay the rest at His feet, sometimes by the bucketfuls a day.  Personally I go in-between wanting to share a personal glimpse of things like our life, my health, and my business here on the blog but not knowing how much to say.  Just being honest with that one. I'm beginning to grasp the meaning of "Mary pondered these things in her heart". So, in-between knowing how much to share because I do love to blog and don't plan to quit (like maybe ever), but some things for our family and my life are sacred and not meant to be shared. 


What I'm not ever in-between on is photography.  I urge you to use it as a tool, a form of worship, therapy, and for fun.  When words fail me, my photos don't.  They help tell a story I might not have the vocabulary for. This is our February story. 

(A passion of mine is spurring others on towards capturing their own beautiful stories.  See yesterday's post about a new online course coming this summer that can help you do that and more) 


  1. Your photos are so beautiful. Everything from the lighting, color, exposure and technical aspects to the split second moments in time that you capture. I so wish we lived closer so you could do a real life session with us! so lovely

    1. Emily, your words have truly touched me. What a thoughtful, kind comment to write. I appreciate it so much and wish I could capture your family too! I would love that! Maybe someday :)

  2. You're right, Sara.....some things you just ponder in your heart and hold close to your family.

    Those are the in-between things.

    Beautiful photos, as always.


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