My darling adventurers

"You've got your hands full!" 
Other than "Yep" and a smile, I never quite know how to respond when this comment comes my way.  I don't think it's always intended to be negative.  Sometimes I see the twinkle in a person's eye as they say this in passing, I know that they get it.  They get that my hands, heart, and home are full of a mixture of the following (and some days ALL of the following): adventure, surprise, laughter, patience, learning, Jesus, prayers, long, rambling conversations, the great outdoors, hugs and kisses, books, imagination, and more. 
Life with the girls is never, ever dull.  I've learned to rise early, drink a cup of almost black coffee, dive into God's work, and eat breakfast all before my darling adventurers wake to a brand new day. 
While I'm certainly still as human as you are and my attitude sometimes stinks (like big time), this has helped my days be stitched together with a thread of peace that was otherwise missing, before I figured out the whole "rising early" thing. 

(one afternoon we played "beauty shop" and I did the girls' makeup)

Last weekend we adventured to our local safari, which is a place we frequent once a year as tradition.  This year felt much different than our first year, when Anna was just a baby and would only walk if her Daddy was holding onto her. 
I must say, this was our most amazing visit yet! We saw this emu guarding her eggs, a zebra came right up to the car, we saw one day old piggies, and I got to feed a giraffe a piece of lettuce.  

Oh yeah, and this pig came after Anna and she didn't like it one bit. 
Can you blame her?! 

My darling adventurers!

The highlight of the day was watching both girls be so brave and bold and ride a pony all by themselves!  I was quite impressed with the teenage boy who helped them on the pony and walked around with them.  He was polite and amused, I could tell by my gals.  I was too! I cheered like a crazy mama, so proud of my girls for saying "yes" to such a big adventure. 

 I pray that my girls always have the confidence to say a hearty "yes" or "no" to whatever lies in front of them.  They sure do make life fun! 

What have you done to say "yes" to adventure lately? 


  1. My husband often works long, long hours- gone by 7:00 a.m. and not home until 9 p.m. I used to wait on adventures until his scheduled allowed to join us, as I have three little ones all under seven! Now, we head out into the Rockies alone for adventures, and if the weather allows, we hike until the sun sets. I've learned much about "carpe diem" in this season of mothering! Whereas being alone with the kids in the mountains used to cause anxiety, it now brings connection.

    1. I am in the same boat you are! Learning to choose fun, joy, and adventure...even alone with the girls. We are braver than we think, aren't we?


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