Gather: an online course

You all know I'm an idea person.  I used to list ideas by the page full, rarely actually doing any of my grand plans, but feeling excited and accomplished because I had a list!  Fast forward a couple of years and I found myself almost turned away by the thought of making just one more list, empty ideas waiting to be checked off.  Instead, I began to embrace each day as it came.  When God spoke, I didn't necessarily write it down or tell everyone my plans.  I simply listened and obeyed.  Lest you think I'm approaching sainthood, let me set the record straight.  I still struggle to beat perfectionism and wonder how the "dream big" message fits together with my daily life, prayers, and needs in my community.  Yet I find myself entering 2016 somewhere in the middle of "listers gonna list" and "makers gonna make."  

The most healing, comforting, and shareable ways I've spread the love of Christ over the past year and been healed myself haven't been grand or even needed a list.  Through small, thoughtful acts of kindness or a tiny change in my routine here and there, the door has been swung wide open for the invitation of both people and Christ into my corner of the world.  I've learned practices to gather prayer, praise, and photographs and turn them into everyday art, tucked into the nooks and crannies of my everyday life. 

This is possible for you, too.  As I began the new year I prayed deeply and talked at length with Brett about whether or not I should host any Rosy Retreats in the upcoming year.  For those of you new to my blog, these are the craft and/or photography retreats I've hosted on the farm and loved deeply.  As difficult as it was to decide, it kinda wasn't.  For now (and in the near future) all Rosy Retreats are on hold.  With our current family schedule and the great anticipation of our adoption I feel a deep-seated peace about waiting on retreats.   Mixed in with this decision was an idea I'd heard in my thoughts and prayers enough times where I had a pretty good "no" response every time it came up.  Hosting my own online course is something I tried a few years back and truly poured my heart and soul into.  Yet here I was, three years later, having the same tug.  And I can now say, it's time I answer with a "yes!".  
Coming in late spring or early summer is 
"Gather: praises, prayer, and photographs into everyday art"

This online course will be written and hosted by yours truly and will include: membership with no expiration date, video tutorials, inspirational videos, a variety of art projects (including a "how-to" for the canvas above, prayer flags, and more), home decorating videos, free downloads, photography lessons, a FB discussion group, and so much more I look forward to telling you about!  

I hope and pray you'll join me in this exciting, fun course that will help you infuse art into the practices of your everyday life, while focusing on praise, prayer, and photography. 


  1. Sounds wonderful Sara. I will definitely sign up.

    1. Thanks so much Joanne! I'm excited to see where this idea leads me and would be delighted to have you along!

  2. Oh Sara! I'm so excited that you will be doing an online class! I discovered your blog about two years ago, and your first class was no longer available. I will be watching for Gather to be ready. I've always wished I could be in AR when you had one of your retreats, but the timing never worked out. (My son lives in Bentonville; my mother-in-law in Ft. Smith, so it's not completely far-fetched.) Thank you for your always-inspiring blog. I don't comment often, but I always love to visit.


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