Valentine's: a birthday and tea party!

 Hi friends! Have a seat, won't you?  It feels like too long since I've stretched my legs out and breathed deep here on the blog.  The last couple of posts from last week were scheduled ahead because I was having some computer work.  You guys, I was a nervous wreck taking my computer in! For about a year and a half it's been showing the rainbow circle on the screen that spins and spins anytime I try to do anything.  I took it in (finally) to get fixed and after a new hard drive my computer is faster than ever!! Like it keeps up with my brain now, cutting my work time in half at least.  SO. Excited! But, that's where I've been.  How are you? 
 Did you enjoy Valentine's Day or at least treat yourself to some chocolate? I sure hope so.  Last year my mom (whose birthday is ON Valentine's Day!) started a new tradition of hosting a tea party for all the girls in the family.  For us, that means we all (well, minus Brett) get to go and what fun we have!  This year was no exception.  The fun, conversation, delicious food, and beautiful decor were just delightful!  We truly enjoyed ourselves. 

 My mom worked so hard putting all the cute touches for the party together, like these spool name tags.  Aren't they adorable? 

 Enjoy a peek into our tea party! 

 (just like mama)

 Prayer matters.

 This is my twin and my older sister!
 Of course Anna's Sheriff Callie had to come along too. 
I mean that funny!

This was one of my top favorite moments of the winter, with all the gang of girls together. 
It is so good to be around girl friends, especially when they're family! 
I appreciate my mom putting on such a fun tea party for us....
I wonder who you can have a party for today? 

Sending you much love.