our winter days (and lend me your ideas?)

Happy Thursday friends! Are you warm and well? I am sitting next to our wood-burning fireplace, waiting for it to roar.  This has become my early morning chore this winter and I find it comforting and relaxing.  Winter is here, sometimes in full force, other times just as a tease with almost spring-like weather.  Normally January and February are admittedly, my least favorite months of the year. This year is different.  The girls are older, our days are longer and busier and full of activity and fun.  I have a few things on the calendar for my art and a girls' trip coming up, plus our adoption (!!).  Some little slumps of the year just need a bit of sprucing up and things to look forward to. 

The beautiful snippets we are loving this winter are:
warm fires
homemade hot cocoa
pajama days
good books
playing outside
checking the cows
playdates with friends
making art
trips to the library
farm drives
beautiful shadows and light
homemade granola
hot tea
garden planning
Adele (me)

What about you? 
Also, can I peek into your brain?! I have a few blog post ideas coming up on where to print photos and what to do with them, and a before/after decorating post.  But I want to hear from you!

What do you want to read about/see on The Rosy Life this year? Please share! 


  1. These photos are so pretty!! I love the snow/frost ones! It didn't snow here at all hardly the other day. And I'm lovin' your shoes. ;) And the lil' toe/feet photos. <3

    Ideas: I appreciate your take on healthy eating, but yet realistic to every day busy life. A sprinkling more of some of you guys' loved recipes perhaps, esp as you begin again your "new" food journey.


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