our adoption

Back when we first had Anna Ruth and we were such new parents, it seems like I blogged a ton of details about my kid.  Things like the moment their first tooth popped up and desperate questions about sleep (or lack there of).  Then along came Betsy and it was survivor mode, having two precious girls 17 months apart and the details got less blogged.  Which leads me to where I am now. Certainly not the same parent I was with one tiny, overwhelming newborn.  I've learned I love to share my heart on art and lessons in general God is teaching me on the blog.  Delving into parenting topics or family matters is a whole different ballgame.  For the most part, I like to keep this stuff to myself.  I have a close circle of gals I can reach out to if need be, but this blog is mostly for recording memories.

With that said, many of you in real life have asked about our adoption.  I've put off writing about it because it's this wonderful, new, sometimes overwhelming, bittersweet adventure we're on and finding words to put to it is a challenge.  You may be stuck on the word "bittersweet" that I just wrote.  Long ago, when we were first married and talking adoption, the only image we had was of gathering our darling baby in our arms, marveling at what they looked like and what personality they would have.  We now have a very different image in mind.  We picture our darling baby and can't wait to figure out who they are and when they'll show up in our home (our hearts are already stolen for them).  But this time, we also picture the precious expectant mama who is such a special person to us.  We don't know her yet, but we pray for her daily.  Our story is intertwined with hers.  And to get painfully honest, while we're celebrating a tremendous gain (our new baby!) she is enduring a tremendous loss. Bittersweet…. 

I've had many questions, like "How long will you wait?" or "Will it be a boy or girl?"
At Bethany Christian Services they do things a bit different and we like that.  They truly believe that God has a perfect match for your family, that no time limit can be stamped on, no gender specified.  In about a week, we will be an official "waiting" family.  That doesn't mean we wait on a list for the next baby.  It means we wait until we're perfectly matched in God's best timing with our baby. The expectant mama will be the one to choose our family.  

So it could be this spring or next fall or winter.  We are trying not to get impatient because we are so truly overjoyed for our baby.  I've been asked a lot how the girls feel and my answer is "very excited!" .  So excited.  We've had several home visits throughout the course of our journey and each time they've thought our baby was coming.  They cannot wait to have baby home with us. 

I've prayerfully written this post.  It hasn't taken me long to realize adoption is  another topic people feel really (really) passionate about.  I pray I've written this in a way to honor our journey and given you a peek into what it's been like behind-the-scenes the past few months.  
If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask (I'll probably answer depending on the question-ha!) or feel free to check out Bethany Christian Service's website.  We are so thankful for them.