Paper bird's nest and feathers (a VIDEO how-to!)

Good morning everyone! How are you on this Tuesday? I want to thank each of you who watched my last photography video. I'm warning you though, I only want to make more videos now! It is the teacher in me, I suppose. I truly love creating and explaining and teaching.  I miss that about being a classroom teacher.  I certainly do plenty of that with my own children (like all day!) but there's something really nice about connecting with you all through video.  It feels more like we're hanging out, instead of me just blasting a blog post.  So, I've got some fun video ideas planned for the blog and I hope you'll carve out some time to watch! I am long-winded even when I try not to be and talk with my hands at an almost humorous level.  I'll go ahead and give you that disclaimer for all videos here on out. 

Today we're making paper bird's nests and painted feathers! Watch, learn, and enjoy!  The photos below are a few ways you can put your creative nest to use.  

Thank-you for being a safe, kind space for me to be brave. 
I wish I could give you each a hug and a cup of tea! 
(see ya tomorrow!)


  1. ADORABLE! Might turn this into a class project with some of my school kiddos!

    1. Thanks Emily! So did you and the kiddos give this a try?!

  2. It turned out so cute! I enjoyed seeing something I could finish quickly and enjoy. I'm forever planning longer projects that either don't get started or don't get finished. I'd love to see more videos (or an online class, since I don't live in AR)!

    1. Hi Beth! I totally, absolutely know what you mean about planning the longer projects but never getting to them! With my busy life (and yours too!) smaller projects are really better for me right now. :) I hope you give this one a try!


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