A sneak peek at the spring collection! (and retreat?)

 Good morning friends! 
We are in the middle of a week-long battle with some kind of winter crud/cough and icy weather outside. So, a cheer-up is in desperate order! Art makes me happy.  It is a deep well of joy for me that (almost) never runs dry.  Colors calm me and encouraging words lift my spirits.  I love that in the midst of sickness and winter, art is there, ready to cheer.  I love that art is an invincible spring or summer. 

This spring will bring new and exciting things to the shop because I've teamed up with Brett to create handmade, wooden frames for my original paintings.  Each of these original paintings will be available at the shop opening (Monday, February 1) in a handmade frame, as well as an 8x10 art print.  
(8x10 original and art prints available)

"Beautiful Dreamer"
(8x10 original available in a handmade, wooden frame as well as 8x10 art prints)

"Happy Camper"
(8x10 original available in a handmade, wooden frame as well as 8x10 art prints)

"A beautiful story"
(8x10 original available in a handmade, wooden frame as well as 8x10 art prints)

(8x10 original available in a handmade, wooden frame as well as 8x10 art prints)

a mini, 5x5 original painting! 
This will be available in a handmade, wooden frame, as well as several other mini originals and photographs! 
This piece is simply one of my faves.  One day during my treasure-seeking at 410 Vintage in Fayetteville, I came across a stack of quilt squares, each lovingly stitched with names.  They've sat in my craft room for months, feelings of guilt hanging over them because I thought it would be "wrong" to cut them up.  Then I just had this vision of how much history those squares and names held and wanted to combine that with my lifelong heart-cry that people should tell their story. 

You know I believe this with every fiber of my being.  Not just one certain type of group telling their story, all people, all types….telling.  We matter, don't we? Each of these from moment's past mattered and the same is true of us today.  My favorite name up there? 

This original piece will come in a handmade, wooden frame. 

As we get closer to the shop re-opening (Monday, February 1) I'll share peeks into the completed, framed pieces, as well as share what photographs will be available.  And of course, after this first round of paintings/photographs are listed, more will come!  I have more ideas than time right now and I like that.  

Now, let me take a poll.  I'm on the fence about hosting another Rosy Retreat, a mix of a craft/photography day. I don't usually share my "on the fence" decisions with the general public because other opinions can muddle my thoughts.  But, hear me out and let me know what you think?

I love, love hosting retreats and decorating an event (see previous blog post!).  I adore teaching and gathering women together to make and learn.  So what's keeping me from trying? For one, we will hopefully have a newborn sometime this spring or summer.  That reason isn't totally justified because if that happens I could postpone the retreat and I know you fabulous people would understand. 
I suppose the biggest reason I can't decide is because I've worked really hard on a couple of events with very little sign-ups due to conflicting schedules, lack of funds, etc.   So, there's my on-the-fence private thoughts I'm letting you in on today.  

Would you be interested in attending a craft/photography retreat? 
If so, would a weeknight or a weekend work better for you? 
Any other thoughts? I look forward to hearing what you have to say! 


  1. Fabulous new work Sara! I am smitten with the quilted "Tell Your Story" image especially. They will all look so beautiful in those amazing handmade frames you showed in a previous post. Great idea!

    I can tell you that if I didn't live in Michigan, I would attend one of your retreats in a heartbeat. I realize that doesn't help your decision because I won't be able to sign up, but I think its important to tell you that I think they are a wonderful idea. I think only good things can come from sharing talents and friendship. Don't get discouraged by the lack of sign ups. You're doing a wonderful job. As I've mentioned before, I always look forward to stopping into your blog to see what fun adventures are going on in your neck of the woods. For that, I thank you!

    1. Hi Susan! Thank-you so much for your encouragement and enthusiasm about my art and retreats. I really appreciate your input! :)

  2. I second Susan's thoughts. Being in Ohio doesn't help you, but I would attend one of your retreats in heartbeat! I AM LOVING that Happy Camper piece!

    1. Hi EmilY! It would be so fun to have you and Susan both at the retreat! We should have a giant Rosy Life meet-up someday :) :)

  3. I have came so close a couple of times to signing up but always had
    a conflict in my schedule. I live in Springfield, MO!
    I always look at your pages after your retreat and so
    wish I had been there. Weekends are the best for me.

    1. Hi Bea Jo! I would love for you to come someday! We love the Discovery Museum in Springfield :) :)

  4. I live in southern Nebraska. If the time were right, I would drive down. Weekends work well. Is there a not too expensive hotel close to you where I could stay if all else worked?

    1. Hi! That would be such a fun road trip if you drove down! There are certainly hotels close you could stay at, but I'm not sure I'll get around to having any retreats any time soon. My husband's work schedule has some stuff on Saturdays now…maybe something will work out! :)


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