A tea party by me

Sometimes I get really fun texts and messages, like a couple of weeks ago when a friend wrote, asking if I could style a tea party for her daughter's birthday. 
I quickly (and enthusiastically!) wrote back "Sure!" and got to work, sending her my vision and ideas for the dreamiest tea party ever.  
Over the next couple of weeks I worked on handmade napkins, straw flags, paper flowers, and a giant garland.  Then I styled it all at home, taking detailed photographs to send along with step-by-step instructions to my friend.  All that was left to do was deliver the party in a box to my friend, the day before the birthday!  She sent me pictures the next day of the party set up at her own house and it looked wonderful!  I hope you'll enjoy these styled shots from my own home today!

This was so. much. fun!! 
I'll share a tutorial for these gorgeous coffee filters soon! 


  1. SQUEEE! This is the stuff dreams are made of!! Looks great

    1. Thanks Emily! I could sit at this table for daaaaays. :) Not sure how my husband would feel about that, lol!

  2. Beautiful! I bet your friend was thrilled with the results. The table looks lovely. Well done!


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