A peek into an in-home photo session…..

 Thank-you all for welcoming my first photography video with such open arms! I am a talker and love words so typing is actually somewhat of a struggle for me sometimes.  It's much easier for me to say what makes my heart leap than try to write it.  I think I'll start including more video content on the blog this spring! No worries, I'll try to be shorter and sweeter.  

Today I am honored to share a real-life in-home photography session with you that I did in the fall.  This family was an energetic joy to be around!  Their home was so full of life and love.  Never a dull moment, the mom was incredibly patient and caring, taking time to teach the boys how to love well but also have a really great time just being a kid!  
 I hung out with them during breakfast, school time, and bible study….followed up by some impromptu bike-riding afterwards. I sat, stood, kneeled, leaned in close, and watched this beautiful family from a distance during the session. I invite you to lean in close and be inspired by the love on your screen. 

Thank-you for letting me share my joy with you! 
To book your own in-home session, simply email sunshinebysara@hotmail.com


  1. I just realized I posted my comment on the wrong post! Darn it. I really love these photographs and how real they are. You are amazing behind the lens.


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