Hello from the studio!

 We are tucked in the house, warm by the fire and smelling the most delicious batch of granola. We had a dusting of snow today, and really that's even a generous way to describe it!  We have never felt warmer than when reading all of your lovely thoughts and well-wishes on Facebook and Instagram as we shared our adoption news.  You have honored us so much with all the love.  I thank-you from the deepest part of my heart and look forward to introducing our son or daughter to you in the next year or so!  

Instagram is my go-to place for sharing quick snippets of my art because I can pop in and share progress within a matter of a few seconds.  But still, my Nikon combined with a styled vignette will always have my heart.  Since being on a self-proclaimed "vacation" from my Etsy shop I've felt ideas galore rise up in my thoughts, soul, and fingers.  And that's usually how it works for me.  Giving myself space to explore pressure-free is the surest way to art straight from my soul. 
 Each art piece pictured will be available next month when the shop opens back up for spring. I'll also be listing originals, some of which will be framed in a gorgeous, handmade wooden frame.

 The pieces in this new collection come directly from where I am in life right now.  It is a deeply personal collection of art because before starting I asked myself "What is it you know? What stirs your soul to tears? Paint that." 

 As life seems to do, seasons have changed around our house and nap time is no more for Anna Ruth.  This has shifted my regular painting time so for now if I paint it comes early, before anyone else is awake, the coffee is strong, and the house dark.  

And as you know, once our sweet newborn arrives, the season will shift again.  
But, I find that no matter the season, there are so many beautiful ways to include art in my days.  
I have a dozen canvases at least in mind right now!  Over the next few cold months, as winter fades into spring, I look forward to sharing my art with you and releasing it out into the world. 
Thank-you for showing up! 


  1. I love that session! I like the idea of capturing real, everyday life. Also, if I had legs like hers I would never change out of shorts! ;) Congratulations on your exciting news. I'm so happy for you!

    1. Thank-you Jen! :) We can't wait to expand our family!


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