Playdough Cupcake Party (and a quick photo lesson)

Good morning! The girls and I have kept up our afternoon activity sessions for a few weeks now and it is really fun! Fun for us all I should add.  The new conversations that pop up with the placement of a just a few new things or ingredients always astounds me.  It doesn't take much to stretch my girls' imaginations.  I must tell you, we don't do a fancy or scheduled activity every single afternoon.  I used to try that and it just stressed me out even more on the days I didn't get everything set up in time.  So this time around I've said "bye-bye" to all that drama and just work activities in on the days when it's do-able.  This particular afternoon I grabbed this tray I really like from Dollar Tree and filled it with trinkets and items to combine with play dough for a Cupcake Party!

The girls' faces just lit up when they saw me step out onto the back deck with this fun tray!  I particularly like this tray (seriously, only $1 at Dollar Tree) because of all the divided sections.  Perfect for so many invitations to play.  We most often do activities like this outside, for now at least.  Come winter I imagine we'll have our table covered in kraft paper a lot to help with the mess.  

I mean seriously, it is so precious to watch the girls play!  

This cupcake making business is serious stuff! 
Here's a quick photo tip of mine, or at least a personal favorite.  Photograph the hands. "The hands?" you ask.  "Why the hands?".  Just trust me.  The hands change.  The hands are the ones that hold ours, touch, reach, learn, worship, explore.  The little dimples on the knuckles won't always be there.  Hands matter.  Hands are precious to me.  I always photograph the hands. For the best storytelling result, focus only on the hands, letting the rest of the background blur.  

The items I put out with the play dough were fuzzy balls, candles, and beads.  
How can you set up an invitation to play for your big or little ones today?  

Now grab your camera and find some precious hands to photograph! 

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