Art Update…scenes from the studio.

Happy Monday!  Are you ready for this week to start?  I hope so and if not, here's to another cup of coffee and a bit of Jesus to get your feet dancing into the week.  Or at least treading slowly into the week.  I'm excited to pop in and share some updates on my art lately.  I'm always, always making art no matter if it shows up on the blog or not.  In fact, my camera is almost always loaded with pictures of art as well.  Sometimes it just takes a few days for the words and blog posts to catch up to the photos.   

If you follow me on Instagram (I'm "therosylifeblog") then you've already seen sneak peeks at the bicycle birthday party I was hired to decorate for a sweet two-year old boy! 
From award ribbons to pinwheels, both big and small, I've had the most fun making the decorations for this party! I'll be styling it all this Sunday and photographing the party as well.  I was honored to be asked and can't wait to show you pictures of the final product.  

I shared this painting on IG and was surprised at the response.  I started this painting on the back of an old piece of Subway art, one of my first DIY projects.  The idea was to put paint here and there to use up those tiny bits of paint I always have leftover at the end of my painting time (a.k.a. when the girls wake up!).  This was purely a "let your fingers do their thing" kind of painting and I even had Anna Ruth help me on it a few times.  All that to say it's sitting in my studio and begging to be properly finished and it's loud and too colorful and I like it.   I'll keep you posted on the finishing touches. 
Some days I have maybe 10 or 15 minutes to create alongside the girls and I don't feel like getting out a bunch of paint or supplies so instead I'll grab my gratitude journal box.  It's simply an old vintage box filled with scrapbooking  paper, ephemera, and tape.  On a good day I quickly jot a list of gratitude.  On the rest of the days I make pages ahead of time just for the fun of it and leave them ready for filling in with my words.  Here's a peek at the journal so far!

This season of my creative life is busier than ever and I like that.  
Between the bicycle party, Halloween, the holidays, and two birthdays in our own family coming up, I'm a busy bee.  My mind is quite full of ideas and I look forward to sharing a whole lot of creative ideas with you in the upcoming months! 
I'll also be adding Christmas to the shop soon as well! 
There will be new art prints, a handful of new products, and a SALE when it all hits the shelves so keep your eyes open!  This will be the last sale of the year, with my shop going on vacation starting Monday, December 14th.  I hope you'll keep The Rosy Life in mind for your Christmas shopping this year! I'm excited to share my other favorite handmade shops with you as well so stay tuned! 


  1. Hi Sara! I'm so glad we found each other on IG :) I love that this post is filled to the brim with arty-ness and creativity. I've been in a little artistic slump, and you've inspired me to pick it up again. That journal idea is brilliant! 15 minutes a day... I can do that. Love that bright, cheery painting too. Have a good week!


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