Dear me, (and maybe you too)

Dear me,
 You read a note hastily scrawled on Momastery's blog that she had written to herself, to read on the more anxious, less joyful days.  You know the ones, you've had them yourself.  You think this just must be real life and surely everyone has these days?  But something your tender, honest heart doesn't understand is all the perfectionism hiding the pure, unfiltered lives we all live.  You included.  The "squares of Instagram" are tricky little things.  All marching in a row, perfect picture, one after another. Although there is certainly potential for good on social media (and you even use it yourself), there is also great potential to hide when things are messy.  And they are messy a lot. 

Your life is busier than those outside your very inner circle will ever know, with responsibilities that simply can't be thrown to the side.  You balance things quite well and in a healthy amount.  You've learned when to say "no"and when to say an enthusiastic "YES!".

Still, dear one, you are human.  Anxious days (which are really just tired days masked with anxiety) creep up every now and then and you need to remember a few things. 
First, you probably actually don't have too much on your plate.  Remember that paragraph above?  You have truly learned a good balance with being wife, mama, artist, and friend.  Still, if you are highly anxious, chances are-you're just too tired.  A good night's sleep can be the difference between the world being your oyster or your enemy.  Trust me.  Cover the big things (keep your sweet family fed and dressed), and let the rest go for a day or two.  Get some sleep.  You tell yourself this a lot-"Everything always seems better in the morning. " And it does. 

You should eat healthy and drink water.  I know it's hard, but every time you do  you feel like someone dunked you under icy, cold water and you came up gasping for fresh, beautiful air.  You feel great when you eat right. 

You have always loved Jesus and always will.  Say His scripture over and over in your mind and while you're at it, crank up some Christy Nockels!  

Books are your friend and always have been.  They give your mind new places to roam, instead of anxious ones.  

You love people.  You are often teased (in a kind way) for making friends everywhere.  It matters to be friendly at the grocery store and keep up with your close circle of friends. 

Art is breath to you.  Although others don't always understand this (it can sometimes look like you're "trying to do it all" from the outside), art in just about any form keeps the very breath in your lungs going, the gears in your mind spinning.  You crave creativity.  You are creative.

And last but not least, borrowing the words from Momastery, "You see more magic than the average bear. "  You always have, always will.  Pick up your camera, let a hush fall over the crowd, and God's vision fill up your eyes. 

With rosy eyes,


  1. A beautifully written post Sara. So raw and honest and real. I heard myself a lot in your words. Thank you for reminding us to sleep. To rest. I am guilty of often staying up too late at night to have the quiet time I crave so desperately. I am an introvert and need space and alone time as much as I need air and creativity. It is often hard to find this quiet space with a family of 6. Night time after everyone, inc my husband, go to bed seems to be the only quiet, alone time I find yet I am often so terribly tired. Something about your post spoke to me and I feel challenged to do something different so I get the rest I need. Thank you. Jo

  2. All of your photos are so stunning, Sara!


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