A birthday for Grandma

For a year or two (maybe, I can't remember) the girls and I have traveled for the day to my grandparent's house.  I've written before what a treat it is to time-travel back to where I spent a lot of time growing up and watch my own girls enjoy life at Grandma and Papaw's too.  Some of my most favorite memories from childhood come from being at my grandparent's house.  It's also important to note that my Grandma and Papaw are my blog's biggest fans, checking in on me every single morning. If that's not devotion, I don't know what is.  
(Hi Grandma and Papaw!)

Each time we go visit we play and Grandma feeds us so well, taking such good care of us. 
A.k.a. spoiling us.  
So this time it was our turn. 
My twin sister and I decided to throw Grandma a party in honor of her upcoming birthday. 
We brought mexican food and party hats and party blowers and presents. 

We even attempted a group photo, despite the will of a two-year old threatening to take over.
You can see how well that went, lol.

Betsy Grace cried over the candle, thinking it was a missed opportunity for her to blow it out so in turn, Grandma was such a good sport and let every. single. great-grandchild blow out the candle. 

Grandma's party was loud and full of activity and discipline for the little ones and lots of laughs and a few tears and she said she wouldn't have had it any other way.
This tells you volumes about how special of a lady my Grandma is.  
She is kind and thoughtful and always remembers every single birthday and anniversary in the whole family. 
She loves to cook for people and is a great cook!
We have jokes like "Did you wash your hands?" I love to share and laugh about.

It was such fun taking care of her for a change! 
Who can you pamper today and turn the tables a bit?


  1. How lucky you are,and your children, to have so many generations! So sweet they follow your blog!

  2. Such a marvellous time :) Priceless! My GrandMother is 93 and everytime I visit her, she gives me lessons for my own life :)

  3. Hi Sara,
    What a blessing to have Great Grandparents. Wow! Are you and your girls lucky! I still remember the time I spent with my Grandparents like it was yesterday. They are such special people in a person's life. Thank you for sharing. I am really enjoying your blog (even if I don't have enough time to comment). Keep up the great work!


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