Autumn and Apples (the little things are the big things)

Last week I sat up and took notice of the fact that autumn was indeed here, according to my schedule at least, but things on the outside looked rather brown and dusty.  Our country trees just weren't bringing fall like I daydreamed of, so time to take things into my own hands.  Box of apples in hand, I ventured outside with my camera, determined to tell a story with a few photos of what autumn 2015 looks like around the Torbett house. 
I continued to click throughout the week, capturing snippets here and there of the narrative that is fall.
Moments like a date with Daddy to pick out new jammies turned into dance parties..

Anna Ruth lining up the mini pumpkins just exactly like we did last year on the exact same windowsill, because "Mom, it's what we do!".
We are big on traditions around here, what can I say?
Autumn has meant taking the extra time in the kitchen to try our hand at new things, savoring the time it takes.  

Autumn afternoons on the porch have also become a favorite thing,

even when we're doing something as simple as exploring the similarities and differences between an apple and a pomegranate.  

After looking through these tiny, everyday moments I felt that familiar well of tears jump up into my throat.  I've long ago stopped judging a photo by what all the books tell you to pay attention to.  Instead, I go by the feelings,  the well of tears.  My "best", most favorite photos are those that make me feel the most.  The ones that remind me of Betsy Grace's hand sitting on my leg, side by side on the front porch step.  Or the BIG grin of Anna Ruth's as we're playing chase through the yard, or traipsing around and following wherever her imagination takes us.  And my oh my, how it takes us places! 

The little things truly are the big things. 
It sounds like such a cliche' thing to say, but I find it rather true.  If a sense of wonder isn't cultivated in our everyday, seemingly "ordinary" lives, we'll never make it to the other side.  The other side where miracles, magical memories, and mountains of merriment await.  

Here are a few "little things" we are counting on this autumn…….maybe you can too?
And I'll see you on the other side of ordinary!

1.)  Buy a bushel of apples from the local produce stand
2.) New jammies!
3.) Winter shopping at the thrift store
4.) Bake a pie
5.) Leaf rubbings
6.) Pumpkins: Carve, paint, decorate
7.) Host a fall party!
8.) Light candles…everyday
9.) Open the windows
10.) Camp! 
11.) Build a bonfire
12.) Host an outdoor dinner party…even if you and yours are the only ones invited!
13.) Roast marshmallows
14.) Load up a stack of books to read this winter
15.) Sign up for an online art class
16.) Visit a pumpkin patch
17.) Try a new board game
18.) Take a long bubble bath
19.) Rest!  Dive under those warm covers for just a few more minutes…
20.) Drink hot tea
21.) Explore a new seasonal fruit or veggie
22.) Take food to a friend or neighbor in need
23.) Babysit a friend's kids for a kind favor
24.) Paint leaves
25.) Bob for apples
26.) Go for a hike!
27.) Sketch the changes you see outdoors
28.) Send some happy mail
29.) Create a nature spot in your house….inside :) 
30.) Have a hayride
31.) Plant some succulents to keep you company in winter
32.) Cut/stack firewood

What else would you add to this list?


  1. Such great moments :) Love all of them!


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