Kindness matters.

About four years ago I become a stay-at-home mama.  Having previously taught elementary school I wasn't used to the quiet.  I had an inkling I had an inner artist, but didn't really know it quite yet.  Still, we had moved into our new home on the farm, had Anna Ruth, and a bit more space to figure out what my passions were.  As I began to decorate our home, I also opened up my first Etsy shop full of crafty home decor.  It was then that I met my friend Cheryl, who lives in Missouri.  We became social media friends and got to meet in person last year!  In fact, I am now on my third and final Etsy shop and Cheryl has remained a huge encourager the entire time.  

Another fact? She's crazy talented.  An excellent seamstress, she has a shop filled with bright fabrics, extremely well-made products, and cute taste.  Very cute!
She sent me these bracelets last week and I just adore them.  I mean seriously, how cute! 
I got to pick what I wanted them to say and chose "Choose Happy" and "Isaiah 49", which is a passage God is speaking loudly to me about these days.  
These bracelets easily snap on and are just the right fit, not too loose or too tight. 

Cheryl has bracelets, key fobs, lanyards, writing kits, and more listed in her shop! 
She didn't ask me to write this for her, I just think she's a creative with an artful eye and I hope you'll show her some love and shop from her shop! Christmas IS right around the corner you know. :)

You can find Cheryl's shop here!
Also, how can you surprise someone with kindness today? 
That is certainly what Cheryl did for me.


  1. That was fun to read! Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad you are happy with your bracelets! I received my package today in the mail, and I LoVe your work. Thank you for sharing with me!


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