September Photography Retreat (sign-ups)

 Last Spring I let an idea free that I'd been carrying around in my mind and heart for a long time.  I decided to host my first ever Photography Rosy Retreat on the farm, teaching and encouraging others how to document the rosy in their routine through the use of phone cameras, digital cameras, and everything in-between.  

 5 women showed up and we gathered around the table together to fellowship, share, eat, and learn together.  I guided the group through the Photography handbook I wrote and designed myself, which covered everything from capturing mood and emotions, depth and perception, lighting, interesting props and backgrounds, favorite editing programs, favorite sources of inspiration, and what to do with all your photos.  

I also answered any questions the ladies had about their cameras or phone cameras.  

 After our soul-searching and learning time we gathered around a different table at the cabin on our farm property, for lunch.  I encouraged the ladies to take pictures of anything, all day!  
 Last, we ended the day on the farm, surrounded by the natural beauty and fun props we'd brought along from my house.  Each gal had ample time to wander, snap, click, and roam, using the lessons learned that morning.  
 Here's what one participant had to say about the day: 
"You did a wonderful job with the retreat! You combined heart, practical information and inspirational experiences beautifully. "
This day was so much fun and such a breath of fresh air for me, 
you're sure to love it too! 

The next retreat is coming right up and I'd love to see you there. 
Taking place Saturday, September 19th on the farm, this Photography Retreat will leave you refreshed and equipped to capture your everyday life as art. 
Snacks, coffee, and lunch will all be provided as well as a handbook. 
Of course, a few other goodies made by me will be included as well! 

This retreat has a special aspect to it because my girls will join us in the pasture and we'll practice capturing them delighting in play.  We'll also have time to roam on the farm.

All camera types are welcome and all learning levels are welcome as well! I shoot in manual mode on my DLSR, but am also experienced with a $30 Walmart cell phone (what my Instagram photos are taken with) as well as an iPhone camera.   All questions are welcomed before, during, or after the retreat as well.  

The retreat will take place from 9-2:30 and the cost is $125.
Sign-ups are easy, simply email! 
I can't wait to experience a day of photography with you!