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"I truly adore your style and optimism. You are very gifted, too. I was wondering how you push through hard moments in the day, like when lack of motivation hits? I'm a play at home mom, too, and wow, those moments can be tricky to overcome."

Good morning everyone! We made it to Friday! Woohoooooo! This is always great cause for celebration in our house.  Of course, I'm all about celebrating the everyday but Friday means my sweet husband is home from work and that is something all three of us girls get super excited about! 

I wanted to jump back to a reader question I got a couple of weeks back and answer it today because maybe it will clear up any illusions you have of my life or at the very least, free you up a bit.  
I loved this question, wondering how I push through the lack of motivation moments.  The truth is sometimes I feel like I'm pressing my nose against the glass window of everyone else's life on the internet, sucking my breath in and wondering how they're just so darn happy about everything all the time.  I'm not, even when I should be and have many days where I lack serious motivation to do much of anything.  The ugly truth.  Being a stay-at-home mama means there are certain aspects of my day that do need to stay the same in order for our lives to run well.  The dishes, tidying the house, laundry, and cooking are all very high on my priority list.  I stay motivated to keep these up by having them set in our regular schedule and sticking with it every single day.  This keeps my motivation up because it's just a natural part of our day.  My girls will tell you that mom is going to do "morning chores" after breakfast, which consists of dishes and laundry, every single day.  The same goes for lunch time and after dinner chores.
As far as motivation with my girls, I genuinely love playing with them so this one isn't hard for me.  I make it a point to have at least one or two days a week where we stay home all day long.  Too much running around wears on us and I think the girls need time to be at home and play, go outside, read books, and just learn how to be without rushing around all the time. Or maybe it's me that needs that, lol.  

Anyhow, I have noticed the girls keep their spirits bright and imaginations strong when I mix things up as far as playtime goes.  For example, letting them have a tea party for afternoon snack (and doing it with them), building a giant fort on a rainy day, or planning special art activities once or twice a week.  This keeps them excited about the world around them and never uttering the word "bored". 
(sidenote: I also believe in free time for them where they have to figure out how to play on their own too!)

Last, I keep myself motivated by rising early, reading my bible and drinking my coffee, taking photos, journaling a gratitude list, and making art.  Touching base with friends via text or a night out sure helps too.  I also love to watch t.v. shows on the computer since we don't have cable, or take a walk around outside with Brett in the evenings.  Running on the treadmill is super hard for me to be motivated to do, but rids my body almost entirely of anxiety so it's a must too.  I don't do all these things all in one day but within the span of a week, these are the little moments that keep me motivated.  Because let's face it.  Taking care of a house and kiddos can sometimes feel challenging in that it's lots of hard work….no compliments or anyone noticing what you're doing really.  It would be easy to complain about, but what we're doing is really, really, really important.  It matters.  

The biggest motivator for me? Prayer and scripture. I have moments where I wake up and wonder how I'll possibly load that dishwasher one more time but I pray.  Scripture floods my mind and I think on THAT or turn on worship music and get an attitude fix.  I'm not perfect at this by any means, but I'm trying to do better.  I've learned in the last few months to not feel guilty for tucking in moments to motivate during the day, like spending time on my art and painting.  It has freed up my whole life deciding not to worry about what other people think when I spend my time on art. 

How do you stay motivated? Do you have other questions for me? 
I hope and pray I've been real and transparent and encouraging for you today. 


  1. This was such a great response, thank you so much! We moms are in this together, aren't we? It's good to share the good stuff, the hard stuff. I admire your mothering and the way you set your priorities to god. Xxoo, bree

    1. Hi Bree! Glad this helped…I truly tried to be honest but positive as well :) We are definitely in this mama thing together and we need each other for encouragement! :)


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