Morning on the lake (the art of noticing)

We took a little adventure on the lake last weekend.  I would say that's something we've earned an A+ in this summer, adventuring that is.  We used to err on the side of always trying to accomplish something and there's nothing wrong with that.  But having two kiddos and raising them well is accomplishing something!  The greatest something!  So adventure in our free time it is. 

I quickly packed an easy breakfast in our thrifted picnic basket, which consisted of boiled eggs, cheese slices, apples, and homemade bread with natural peanut butter.  Coffee got to come along too, of course.

We drifted along and leisurely ate our breakfast, taking in the sights and sounds around us. 

Of course, life calls for a treat every now and then so ring pops it was.  

We were out for maybe an hour?  However long it was the girls did nothing but chatter happily, point at birds and flowers, ask questions, and enjoy themselves.  

My favorite was when Brett pulled right up next to this feather so that I could grab it and get a picture.  There is an art to this noticing that brings a life of deep gratitude and joy. 

Out on the water or at the campground with my favorite people is my favorite.  There's no place I'd rather be.  

This week I'm also starting a new scrapbook to document my findings from noticing.  
How do you make the time and space available to notice the mini miracles, sweet surprises, and tiny treasures around you? 


  1. Oh those b/w photos of the bird are just beautiful!


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