Easy Watermelon Slush

Happy Monday friends! What's happening in your part of the world? It is almost preschool time here and as summer winds down I find myself getting back to the familiar rhythms of being more disciplined with just about everything.  That includes paying more attention to what I'm eating, or in this case, drinking!  I'm totally a summer gal since meeting Brett and living in the country and am admittedly, sad to see summer go.  I know, I know, you'll probable all bombard me with comments about how good fall is and I get it.  Fall used to be my #1 too, but the past few years there's just something about that sweet summertime.  
This quick slush is the perfect way to relish the end of a glorious season and anticipate the start of another.  Plus it's so easy my toddlers could probably mix this up themselves!  All you need is ice and watermelon.  Combine those together (you decide on the amount of each but I usually do a glass full of ice) and blend in the blender.  
Done! Insert straw, sip, and enjoy! 

How are you relishing the last few days of summer?