mini home tour (and Q/A)

Good morning friends! 
Another week is in the books.  Can you believe it? 
This week has flown by for us.  We had family in town and some dear friends that are about to move to Spain met up with us to say "good-bye" too.  Goodness, I didn't think about that being hard until after we left.  We hadn't seem them in a few years since they'd been residing in Texas.  But now...Spain.  They are the kind of friends you can easily pick up with, just like we saw them yesterday.  I suppose you all have caught me in a sentimental moment on the blog this morning.  But that's real life folks.  This was a busy week yes, but brimming with friends and family.  You know I prayed and prayed for a week like this once upon a time, when I was ever so lonely.  

Busy because of the abundance of people in our lives? Yes, please.  
Of course, I don't always have the best timing because for some reason my mind decided to jump into clean out/organizing mode this exact same week.  Why, I do not know.  This mood only strikes me about three times a year so I have to get on it while the gettings good! I thought I'd show you the final result today!  What you're not seeing is the mounds of DISorganization that was cluttering my home in just about every nook and cranny.  And in case you're thinking I'm superwoman and my house is now organized like a dream, it's not!  

I gave myself a challenge to try and decorate the mantle without using all the colors of the rainbow, which is typically my norm.  And I did it! I even surprised myself.

I focused instead on textures mostly, with some blues and greens thrown in.

Now for the rest of the house! 
I admit, I always struggle when it comes to typing these kinds of posts.  I mean, do you actually want to know where that plant stand came from or that I got those shutters for free and painted/sanded them myself? I have no idea.  I know your time is precious and probably very limited. 

I will stop here and press pause and tell you the center of our table has been decorated with great purpose.  I want our table to be a gathering spot of happy memories, talks that matter, discussion of God's word, and a look back at the hand of God on our lives.  So, all that to say, each piece that has been placed here is on purpose! The box holds our Chatbooks, which are photo books made from Instagram photos.  The large book on top is the last photo book from Shutterfly I ever made, done kind of like a yearbook.  It doesn't have every single photo I've ever taken in it because who wants to see all that?! It does however, tell the story of our first year or so with Betsy!  

I have big plans to get caught up on the last two years of photo books this winter.  Wish me luck! 

The yellow berry container holds loose photos from over the years and the globe is such an excellent resource/conversation starter! We must use this globe at least 2-3 times a day. 
Ok, so back to the whole question/answer thing. 
I have been reading Ashley Ann's blog for years and years.  In her posts this week she's answering questions from readers and I think that's a fabulous idea.  

So I'm borrowing her idea.  Not claiming it as my own but let's give it a try here, shall we?
If you have any questions about the mini home tour, or well...anything, ask away! 
You can email me privately at or ask in the comments!

I will be happy to answer. :) 
Until then, enjoy the tour!

Y'all come back now, you hear?

I look forward to your questions! 
Thank-you for allowing me to share my life with you.


  1. I truly adore your style and optimism. You are very gifted, too. I was wondering how you push through hard moments in the day, like when lack of motivation hits? I'm a play at home mom, too, and wow, those moments can be tricky to overcome.

    1. Great question! :) I will answer in a post soon :) :)

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  3. YES! I do like to hear where you got this and that and what you did to it! It gives me ideas and motivates me.

    1. You got it Miss Ann! I'll try to answer these home questions soon! :) :)


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