Painting again.

Good morning!  If you were beside me I'd simply pass the coffee pot and we'd listen to the bugs and birds outside and sink into the quiet of the morning.  The morning is my favorite part of the day now, a perk to having children.  I've been rising early to pack some quiet, solitude, prayers, and painting into my day.  

This summer has been a busy one, usually in a good way.  I decided at the beginning of the summer I was going to change my priorities a bit.  Instead of resenting the fact that some days (or weeks) I didn't have time left to paint or sketch in the studio, I began to live like I had enough.  Momastery, on her blog, often says "There is enough.  I am enough. "  She means that we shouldn't worry our lives away, thinking that we are going to miss all the good opportunities or that we're not doing enough.  

So I began to live what I actually believe, which is that God has created me to create.  He didn't make me this way to let opportunity after opportunity flash before my eyes and then flee before I could catch them.  He made me this way because it delights me and if I'm correct, Him too.  At summer's start, I purposed to give my best attention to Brett (who works so, so hard), my family, my home, and my friends/community first.  Not with a grudge, like they were taking something away from my art, but as if they are the art.  And folks, it works.  I'm finding that when I AM able to step into the studio, it's all still there.  Sparks still fly, ideas spill out, my soul gets going with a whir.  

This weekend I decided to make the conscious decision to let the laundry, "to do" list, and all the other little things jumping for my attention, rest.  Sunday afternoon I spent painting.  

It. Was. Glorious. 
Here's a look at some works in progress!
I showed these on Instagram and had some interest in the one on the right. 

I'll most likely do a shop update later this week with some new art. 
I'll keep you updated, but until then, enjoy!

(most fantastic rug EVER found at Wal-Mart for $10! I always thrift rugs because I'm cheap but this one I simply couldn't pass up!)

Here's to taking care of what really matters first,
and then realizing this matters too and watching my fingers and soul fly. 


  1. Yay for making! I will try that outlook...act as if I have enough time in the day, and just make. School has started, so my happy routines are all different and changing. I'll figure it out!

    1. Cheryl, I love seeing what you are up to! I am praying you can find some time in your new routines to create! :)


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