Anniversary Camping (rosy style)

This year Brett and I celebrated our 7-year anniversary!
We love looking back on how we got started and usually have ourselves a pretty good chuckle over it.  I was a single gal, teaching elementary school and living in my own condo.  I was very determined that I did NOT like guys who were outdoorsy or hunted or all that kind of stuff.  

Then along came Brett.  We met at church group and he was so quiet and I had so much to say.  I just knew it would never work.  But I remember seeing him come in with his work boots and farm clothes on and I was hooked.  There was something that intrigued me about him. 

Well, you know how the story goes.  We started dating, got engaged, got married, and had the girls a few years later.  We laugh now saying we thought we knew each other so well when we said the big "I do" but we really didn't.  
We now have a love that is strong and has stood through many trials and tests, as life seems to throw our way.  Our faith and trust in God has cemented the whole thing together.  

We decided to celebrate with a night away in the camper!  We usually go away overnight on our anniversary and while we've stayed in some pretty nice ($$$) places in the past this time was actually our favorite.  We are most at home in the outdoors!
We traveled to one of our most favorite spots ever, Withrow Springs State Park, with a day in Eureka Springs before that.  We enjoyed hiking on one of the many scenic trails to take in the breath-taking views of War Eagle Creek.  This is a hike I wouldn't do with my girls right now because I would be WAY too nervous they'd get close to the edge.  But for just us it was nice. 

Of course we had a little fun with some photos when we first arrived at the campsite.  I got a bit tickled because I posted this on IG and it felt like a funny trick.  I really did look like this upon arrival but if you know me really, really well you know this isn't how I camp at all in real life! 

Soon after came the gym shorts, t-shirt, and thrifted Keens. :)
(But how could I resist, right?! How fun these photos were!)

I think this was a favorite trip of mine because we didn't spend the whole time talking about goals or plans for the future or working things out.  We had time to just be.  To stop at our favorite Eureka coffee spot, or browse the art at Wilson and Wilson Folk Art.  We watched in awe as the artist at this store blessed me with her kindness in one of the biggest ways I've ever seen. (story soon)  We held hands, laughed, and enjoyed our food a lot.  

I suppose I feel like personally and in our marriage right now, we have come to terms with the fact that we're not perfect.  We're doing our best, with what we have.  We're listening to God's voice and showing up in our real life for our real people.  We're loving the girls well and teaching them about the truth and goodness of God. We don't look like supermodels or have the perfect house or the best behaved kiddos.  We eat junk food sometimes but healthy food most of the time.  We mess up and start over.  We aren't happy all the time.  In fact, some days we even need a break from each other!  We work hard at work, in our home, on the farm.  
We love BIG and strong.  We like to have fun and have learned to adventure well. 

We are family. 
We are a team,
we look forward to the next year and what God has in store. 
Not a cliche' christian thing to say, we really do look forward to it because we can look back and see the mighty hand of God on our marriage every single year in the past.  I know this one will be no different.  

p.s.-just for fun, what is your best (positive) marriage advice?


  1. Just adorable! I am aching to go camping before summer is gone! and thrifted keene's you luccky gal!

  2. Your trip looks like so much fun! I have not been to Eureka Springs since 1992...that's craziness. I want to go back there! Marriage advice...the Golden Rule has served us well.


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