Easy Backyard Birthday Party!

Happy day friends!  Are you doing well, tired, or a bit of both?  As the saying goes, we live on Jesus and strong coffee around here so we're a mix of both.  The girls and I had the best adventure in town today and we've got a little dinner party set up for ourselves in the yard tonight!  Summer is in full swing!

Both my Anna Ruth and her cousin Lainey had birthdays this month so we decided to celebrate with an easy backyard birthday party.  I remember wearing myself out with details for Anna Ruth's first birthday and now I'm totally in "two child syndrome" mode.  Meaning when it comes to a party for the five and under crowd, cupcakes and pinatas go a looooong way.  Simply put, kids will appreciate a fun mama who didn't wear herself out over the fanciest party decorations Party City has to offer.  At least that's my laid-back (lazy?) approach.  Think smarter, not harder folks! :) 
 The two birthday girls got to unwrap a present from grandparents, but to keep things easy for friends we requested no presents. 
 Our piñata was purchased at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. 
The kids took this so seriously but had so much fun with it too! 
Easy fun. 

 My twin sis made blue cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles, per the little girls' requests!  
We also had water on hand in a small cooler and considering the party took place from 10-11:30 this was just the perfect amount of treats.

 We had mostly family at the party because my older sister's family and our home church families weren't able to attend.  We sure missed them but had such a fun time sitting in a yard full of people we love.  The weather was perfect this day…high 70's with a breeze.  The adults visited and the kids played and played.  It was wonderful!
My dear neighbor friend came with her kiddos.  She and I get together at least once a week and exchange texts often.  She means so much to me and I'm delighted God placed a friend right down the road, even before we moved in! 

I suppose the Rosy Life tips for an easy party are quite simple-keep it simple, offer one treat and something cold to drink, and make sure the kiddos have plenty of activities for fun! We had the kiddie pool full of water balloons, the playhouse, and the piñata available and really the kids made their own fun and games. 

The decor was even easy for this party! I simply "shopped" from my own home and set up a few props around the kids' picnic table.  It took about 10 minutes, maybe.  And THAT is yet another reason I have to collect props. :)

Do you have any fun backyard bashes planned for the summer?


  1. Everything looks so pretty. Such beautiful colours in every picture. Lovely.

    1. Thank-you so much! It was a fun day :)


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