What I'm painting.

Last week I bared my soul and split my heart open wide to explain the meaning behind a new series of art I'm painting, called "Grace and Gladness, Trusting and Treasuring." 

The short version is that I've never painted in a series before but something about this season of life is different than any others.  I almost dislike saying that because it sounds like such a "christian" or good thing to say.  "This season of life"...kinda takes a turn for the Hallmark side of things.  What I mean is I'm finally learning lessons that have taken almost my entire life thus far to grasp. Of course, then I forget the reward of the lessons and have to start all over again.  But the spaces between learning again are closing in and becoming less and less. 

And so for that reason, it made perfect sense for me to paint what I feel and know.  
I'm painting about community, our stories, and the sweet moments that are tucked into my life and yours.  I'm smashing colors together, creating art that makes my eyes fill with deep tears.  I'm going back to my sketch book and putting paint to canvas when a drawing makes me feel down to my toes and up to the tippy-top of my head. 

I'm praying and standing still and listening to seek where this blog is headed, so that I'm not just another gal on the web, trying to make a name for herself. 
Rather, how do I go about making a BIG, sweet name for Jesus?

We'll see. 
I'll have plenty to share about mid-July.  Maybe later. 
'Till then, 
I paint and pray on.