I believe in light.

I believe in light. 
Shimmers and glows and spots that seep. 
Light that squeezes its way through the tiniest of cracks. 
Lights that bring us home. 
I believe in light that spills. 
That floods over your shoulders like a an umbrella of hope. 
I believe in light that dances and the foot steps required to follow.
I believe in beams of light,
that pierce the darkness in our deepest moments.
I believe in the light only God can supply, 
the kind that lasts and lasts. 
I believe in light that's multiplied when shared. 
I believe in holding our lanterns high
and lighting the flame of the sister next to us if the way begins to darken. 

I believe in light. 


  1. What beautiful pictures and wonderful words to go with them!


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