Show me what you got-Photography Tip of the day

It's only sometimes I am "that mom" and make my children take a picture.  I sometimes see photos with perfectly posed children and I wonder how in the world their mama gets them to be so still every time?  Who knows!  What I do know is that I love having photos of my girls and I also really love the type of photography labeled "lifestyle photography." 

According to the internet, lifestyle photography is capturing real life in an artistic way.  One afternoon as I was setting up a still life scene, Anna Ruth unexpectedly jumped right in front of my camera.  I wasn't annoyed at all, just shocked.  She usually doesn't like her photo taken but occasionally she'll decide she wants to be captured.  This was one of those rare moments.  With her standing so close it would have been rather one-note to only capture a smile.  After all, this girl (along with your kiddos and real life people too) have so many more layers than a smile.  So I casually asked "Show me what you got...what faces can you make?"

I think you'd agree this captures her quite well.  By putting the power of play and fun in her own hands I was able to click away.


  1. Those are so cute! You captured some good ones there! Happy one year art anniversary! I have a question....I just opened an etsy shop in March. How long did it take you to make your first sale? Can you give me a good pointer? I enjoy your blog greatly. I am putting my website on this message. Blogger won't accept wordpress websites when commenting. Sincerely, Robin Hawkins

  2. Thank-you so much for your kindness! As far as my Etsy shop, I honestly don't remember how long it took. Not too long but this is my third time around to start a shop and I believe it was a blog reader or Instagram follower who was my first customer. Most of my sales have happened that way (or been custom orders that I haven't listed through Etsy). I guess what I'm saying is, keep up the good work but don't worry about the numbers too much! What has worked for me is making art that I genuinely love and then sharing it via social media. I hope this helps!


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