diy painted strawberry container

Do you garden?  How about that lettuce?  I don't know that there is any taste that compares to garden grown veggies.  We eagerly anticipate the arrival of garden lettuce and salad for days.  We always end up with a lot of extra and to me, gardening and generosity go hand in hand.  
This little idea had been floating around my head for days.  I simply painted a rinsed out strawberry container and filled it to the brim with garden-grown lettuce.  It was easy to transport and share some garden goodness with a friend! 


  1. so adorable! great way to recycle :)

  2. What kind of paint would you use to pain on the plastic so it sticks? Such a cute idea! I love to reuse!

    1. Thank-you for your kind words! I like to reuse too :) I just used regular craft acrylic paint, like you find in the little bottles at Hobby Lobby or Joann's.


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