Sketchbook/Studio Update!

Friends, I'd love to share a peek into what I've been up to around The Rosy Life lately.  Grab a cup of coffee and hopefully some PB toast (homemade bread, remember) and come on in.  There's much I've been waiting to show you!

I always, always like to have a canvas or two going in the studio.  This little canvas was created over the period of several days.  I first created the background and it was BUSY, busy.  So much color everywhere.  I must have thought to myself a dozen times "I either love it or hate it".  That's pretty typical of me, especially when I'm on the brink of something good.  I went back through my art journals, looking for the final inspiration to finish the piece out.  These words ("They tried to bury us.  They didn't know we were seeds") were on IG one day and stuck with me. 

And there you go.  After reading these words it clicked and I could totally see exactly how I wanted to finish the painting.  I added the white flowers and text and felt my soul sigh a happy sigh.  I was done.
So naturally I put the painting in the dining room and then decided to move my handmade crepe paper flowers around a bit more.  
And that then prompted a move around on the other side of the window too! I do love to rearrange things.  These shelves are just the perfect solution for that.  I don't think Brett could handle another nail hole in the wall if he tried.  He does love me, doesn't he? Putting up with all this rearranging. :) I literally can't help myself!  I haven't started in on other people's homes when I visit so I think I'm doing ok so far. 
My Rosy Life to do list is long the next month or so and I am happy, happy, happy about that! Like joy down to my toes, happy.  I am working on two custom orders, the photography retreat, and some projects for a crafting company called Canvas Corp that is actually based out of Springdale! I am going to be doing some guest posting on their blog as well as teaching a canvas class at their store in Springdale next month! I'll keep you posted on details!
A nice little treat while I'm working is this candle from Target. Y'all, I have never, ever smelled anything as good as this. Ever.  I smelled it on the aisle at Target about a million times until I was starting to look a bit weird so I finally bought it.  I am ever so glad I did! It smells rosy. :) 

In the midst of all the good busy I'm still making time for myself, creatively!  My inspiration wall keeps growing by the day.  Some of this is my own art or photographs and some from magazines or other places.  It all comes together to put a big happy grin on my face when I glance over here! 
I've also been doodling away in a plain notebook, with only Sharpie pen or Stabilo pencil (fave pencil ever, in the history of ever).  With a Stabilo you draw or sketch whatever you like and then wet your brush to go over your sketch lines.  The result is this dreamy, watercolor look to your drawing.  I mean, it is just fabulous.  

These little ladies were inspired by Christy Tomlinson's She Art No. 4 class I signed up for! I think artists should be learners for life.  I plan to always be challenging myself to learn something new and right now Christy's class is the perfect thing to keep me inspired and practicing my sketching and art. I love her classes because once you sign up you have two full years to access her class!  

I can't wait to get further into the project videos and see how I can put my own rosy twist on these little ladies. 
I'm currently wearing out Need to Breathe's newish cd, Rivers in the Wasteland.  And that prompted this. 

You are too, you know. 
A difference maker I mean. 
Think on that for a minute. 

Registration is now closed for my Photography Rosy Retreat in May, but I will be hosting another one soon!  So if you missed this time around, I hope to see you at another one! I've been painting my own fabric for handmade journals to give the girls, along with their retreat workbooks and other handmade goodies! All created by me! 
There are five beautiful souls signed up and I can't wait to spend the day learning and talking with them.  The day is truly going to be a special one on the farm. 

Lots of other exciting things coming up for The Rosy Life! 
A one-year anniversary sale

Mama and Me kiddo and mom craft morning

Rosy Retreat craft night

New products in the shop

Your Rosy, Your Routine photo sessions coming Fall 2015

and now taking custom orders for art! 

I'll share more details soon. 
Stay tuned, rosy people!


  1. Oh tere is so much wonderful creativity going on in your life at the moment it is really lovely to see :)

  2. I love that fabric you painted!!! :)

    1. Thank-you Emily! Have you made any more journals?

  3. Wow Sara! It sounds like you have some amazing days ahead!! I think God is taking you into a beautiful season. I wish you all the best and so much fun!

  4. I love the painting with the seeds quote!!! I work in a residential treatment center with teens who have led really difficult lives, and that quote really resonates with me about them. How inspiring! And, it's a lovely painting - I love white on top of colors!


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