we went down to the river to pray.

We went down to the river to pray. 
(Or creek, depending on whose eyes you're viewing it from.)

We said hello to the minnow,
farewell to the frog. 

We hopped, skipped, and tossed rocks,
delighted in flowers,
quietly aware of God's power. 

Questions were asked,
smiles passed,
hands held. 

Colors were found,
boots were brave,
walking sticks claimed.

We went down to the river to pray. 


  1. Your property is crazy beautiful! And my kingdom for a stream! It must be hard to get things done for wanting to explore all day!

    1. Yes Jen, I could easily explore the day away instead of doing the laundry. :)

  2. I think your life is a prayer! I love this.

    1. Thank-you so much. Your words touched me.

  3. Really enjoy your photos. God is good!

  4. Such a poetic post... It fit so nicely with the post. Loved the poem with the pictures.
    It just was so inspiring.


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