Flying Lessons: My launch as an artist a year ago!

My declaration as an artist about a year ago is a story I never tire of.  Probably because it's made up of the things the best stories always are….grit, grace, nail-biting chapters, unexpected highs and lows, and some of the most memorable people and events life has to offer. 

Truthfully, there have been many, many times I've wanted to quit.  Not quit art, don't get me wrong.  But quit art as a profession at least.  Because even if you're "just hosting an Etsy shop" your art is still your profession.  Many things have surprised me during the last year or so. Silence from some lingers, while the applause of others surprises.  I was recently telling my twin about some very good opportunities I've come across in the art world lately (she is, by the way, one of my biggest and loudest fans), and I suddenly just laughed and said "Good thing I didn't throw in the towel!" 

My brother-in-law immediately followed that up with "When did you feel like throwing in the towel?"  

"Too many times to count". 

It's true.
But here I am, still standing (and standing strong) a year or so later, having learned more than I could have fathomed a year ago.  One of the biggest factors that launched me into business was Kelly Rae Robert's Flying Lessons, an ecourse that is over 260 pages long with every single detail you could ever need to know about starting your own creative business.  I remember wanting to start my art business so badly but being buried underneath the pressure of questions, ranging from small to big.  Things like "What kinds of bags do I buy?  How do I make art prints? How do I open an online shop and what else is out there besides Etsy?  How do I market myself?  How do I truly connect in the social media world? What is licensing all about?" and on and on raced through my head for days.  I tried googling each of my questions or reaching out to other artists for help but rarely heard back.  

Now, as an artist myself, I understand there just isn't time to answer all of those questions from a reader every time they trickle in!  Launching a creative business and keeping it running strong is much, much more involved, detailed, and to be honest-hard, than most people realize. 
Flying Lessons absolutely got my feet off the ground.  When I was lonely but determined and wanting to pursue this calling but not knowing who to ask (because none of my real life people are artists)  this was exactly the one-stop spot for all my questions (and the answer to questions I didn't even know I had yet). 

I believe in this program so much I've even signed up for the affiliate program.  It's not my style to typically sign up for any kind of affiliate program…you all know that.  I don't like blogs who sell things over and over.  But, I feel like I've advertised Flying Lessons in my real life blog posts before this one enough to give you another reminder and it still be authentic to The Rosy Life.  I give you my word to always be honest to you, my blog audience.  So know that if you sign up, (and please do so through my link!) I will be compensated.  And I absolutely, 100% believe in this course.  It kept my career as an artist from stopping before I'd even got started.  I still have much to learn from this course, a whole year later!

Some real good news is that the course is on sale for 20% off now through Mother's Day! Simply use the code MOMXO at checkout to receive your discount! 

I hope this is the year you fly. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story as an artist. I really enjoyed reading about your journey as an artist. I appreciate the tip on the ebook course also!

    1. You are so welcome! I hope this has helped encourage :)


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