Homemade Stitched Canvas Purse (and a story)

There "just happens" to be a very successful creative/crafting company about 15 minutes down the road from my house.  I say "just happens" because it's only recently I've really communicated a lot with them and I find myself thinking "hmm…..imagine that!"  Just another reason on the list of reasons why God knew exactly where He was placing us out here in the country when He did. 

The company is called Canvas Corp and is based out of Springdale but ships world-wide.  How cool is that?!  One afternoon I went into their store, which is located next to their offices, with my girls.  We had a very successful trip with no fits and good manners.  It was such an enjoyable time! Long story short-we got to talking to the lady at the store and then I emailed her a couple of weeks later.  I asked if she ever let local bloggers do projects for the store, or even teach a class.  She responded very enthusiastically and said she remembered me from the store and had also seen my booth at Vintage Market Days.  She seemed to really like my style and invited me to the company to take a tour and see what opportunities there were for me.  So, I'm doing a few guest posts next month on their blog and will also be teaching a craft class at their local store! I am so excited and honored to do both.  Everyone at the company has been so incredibly nice and I just love their products! 

In fact, this plain canvas bag was stitched up on a sewing machine by one of the sweet ladies working at Canvas Corp! 
Two of the big brands that are part of the Canvas Corp company are Tattered Angels and 7gypsies.  Both, I love!  During my afternoon visit with my girls to the store we picked up several different canvas products to take home and craft with.  My eyes landed on this cute canvas purse.  Once I got it home I gathered some bits and bobs to decorate the front of it with. 

After trying several different layouts I ended up with a bag idea I really liked! 
Through a combination of stitching on my machine and hot glue (just keeping it real, lol) I ended up with a really cute canvas bag! 

I have been using this messenger bag and have gotten several compliments on it. 
Mostly I like knowing I have a bit of handmade to carry with me always. 

Check out Canvas Corp's blog for even more fun ideas! 
(and local gals, I'll let you know about the mixed-media canvas class I'm teaching in their store soon! It will take place on a Saturday night)


  1. Sara, I was hoping you were going to paint one of your ladies on there! Now that would be awesome!

    1. I will have to give that a try! :)

  2. A cute purse. What a great thing to live so close to them.


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